Physical/Financial/Staffing – The SPECTRUM Approach to Multifamily Property Management has been time tested and proven successful in some of the most challenging markets across the country; during some of the most difficult market conditions.

  • Property Analysis – Upon takeover of the community, the SPECTRUM Transition Team will complete a thorough analysis of the existing physical and financial conditions of the property, including a unit by unit inspection, lease audit, and marketing analysis.

  • Operating Budget – Once a better understanding of the property is acquired, a detailed operating budget can be completed that will include regular operating projections, as well as recommendations for important capital improvements.

  • Team Building – Nothing is more important to the successful operation of a multifamily community than having the right people in place; employed in the right positions.

Accounting and Reporting –The Executive Team at SPECTRUM has worked with all of the major software providers in the multifamily industry and can adapt to any owners’ reporting needs, or chart of account requirements. SPECTRUM utilizes Yardi Voyager ©software is its primary software provider of choice. With Voyager ©, information is available to key decision makers via the World Wide Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and records are shared among all users, allowing for maximum data integrity.

Flat Organization Structure – SPECTRUM believes in maintaining a flat organization structure with as few management tiers between senior executives and the on site management team as possible. When you choose SPECTRUM as your property management company, you get the full service and support of the company from the top person down, unlike other companies where senior personnel may never even see your property.



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