Commercial / Investment


We can provide investments in most typical commercial real estate properties with:

  • 34 years of experience,  real estate relationships, and networking with Brokers & Owners,   Banks, Special Servicers, etc.

  • Hi Tech, Internet-based,  research capabilities  for support data, and computerized financial analysis.

  • The experience of being developers, property managers, and market researchers.

  • The success of over $35 Million in Sales activity, and REO and Loan purchases.

Unique Investment & Joint venture opportunities may also be available based upon market conditions  and feasibility :

  • such as Non Performing  Loans and REO property

  • Goldmines,  International  HI-Yield trade transactions, etc


    • Our approach is Selective and Focused -   We offer property to potential purchasers from  a database of hundreds of qualified contacts from 65 yrs of combined national/international experience.   This process generates a quicker response from buyers specifically interested in your specific property.

    • We can also expose your property to the world through our broker relationships,  and internet based real estate sales portals.

      Contact:  Gary S. Lovelace 





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